Deposit – Whole Lamb




Deposit for a Whole Lamb. The balance to be paid at $7.50 per pound when the animal goes to processing.

All meat is normally double wrapped, labeled, and fresh flash frozen for long term freezer storage. Special wrapping can be requested. Plastic bags known commonly as “chubs” may be used at times for ground meats. USDA Processing must be requested if Purchaser plans to re-sale the meat.

Prices do not include butcher’s processing fees which range from $0.65 -$0.85 per pound depending on services requested from the
processor. These fees are charged on the hanging carcass weight after it is dressed out and made ready for chilling or aging.

The processor normally charges fees in addition to the hanging carcass weight for smoking, curing, and packaging of specialty meats such as
the heart, liver, tail, tongue, bones, and fat trimmings.

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